Klaus Baudelaire is the middle Baudelaire child. He is a skilled researcher and loves to read books. His researching has saved the Baudelaires many times from the clutches of Count Olaf. At the starts of the books, he is twelve years old.  Klaus is always there to help his siblings with words and phrases they do not understand and has good photographic memory for a child.

Biography Edit

Klaus is acknowledged as the reader and researcher of his siblings. He remembers just about everything he reads, and this has helped the Baudelaire orphans very much. He is known to have read a good deal of the Baudelaires' Private Library before it was destroyed in the terrible fire. He also reads whatever he can anywhere else including the remains of the V.F.D Library. It is said that Herman Melville is one of his favorite authors, and that he particularly enjoys “the way Melville dramatizes the plight of overlooked people, such as poor sailors or exploited youngsters, through his strange, often experimental philosophical prose."

The Bad Beginning Edit

Klaus and his siblings, Sunny and Violet, are at Briny Beach. As they were enjoying the day, the children were informed that their parents and their lovely mansion had perished in the terrible fire. Now known as the Baudelaire Orphans, they are sent to live with the dreadful Count Olaf, their closest relative who makes them do terrible things. Justice Strauss invites the children to browse through her library when Count Olaf makes the children cook dinner for his theater troupe. Klaus enjoyed reading and asked if he could come again and the judge agreed.

Count Olaf, who wants to get his hands on the Baudelaire fortune, plans to marry Violet but thanks to Klaus, his plan was foiled but, unfortunately, the criminal got away with his comrades.

The Reptile Room Edit