Sunny Baudelaire is the youngest of the three Baudelaire orphans. She has abnormally large teeth and thus loves to bite hard things. Her age is unknown but throughout the books it is said that she is an infant. She appeared in all the thirteen books.

Biography Edit

Sunny is the youngest of the orphans. She enjoys biting hard stuff such as wood. She has had many experiences for a child (an infant even!) for her age but to her it is natural. She speaks a language only her siblings can understand but as time passes by, she learn to speak the language we all know as English.

The Bad Beginning Edit

The story begins when Sunny and her siblings, Violet and Klaus, are at Briny Beach enjoying the day. Just then, the children see Mr. Poe, a friend and a banker, come walking towards them. He informs the children that, sadly, their house perished, along with their beloved parents in a terrible fire. The children, now orphans, are to be taken to their closest relative, Count Olaf, at once.

Upon arriving at the mysterious house where the mysterious Count Olaf lives, the children are burdened with difficult chores, while Olaf plots to steal the Baudelaire fortune left behind by the Baudelaire parents to be given to the children when Violet comes of age. Olaf coordinates a play entitled "The Marvelous Marriage". He plans to marry Violet with the help of Justice Strauss, his neighbor, to get his hands on the fortune.

At the time, Sunny is dangling from a high tower in a birdcage. If Klaus and Violet mess up during the performance, Sunny will be dropped from the tower, sure to not survive the fall. Justice Strauss declares the marriage invalid after Violet signs with her left hand instead of her right hand, her true hand, and Count Olaf orders his henchman to drop Sunny from the tower but, thankfully, the henchman has released the child from the birdcage. Unfortunately, the count and his comrades escaped.

The Reptile Room Edit

Sunny and her siblings are sent to live with Uncle Monty, a herpetologist. His latest discovery, he called the "Incredibly Deadly Viper" but don't mind the name, it's completely harmless! Sunny befriends the snake which later, turns out to be a good distraction for Violet to find a way to prove that Stephano, Count Olaf in disguise and Uncle Monty's new assistant, killed his employer and to prove that he really is Count Olaf. Their plan worked and soon after, Sunny bites of Dr. Lucafont's "hand" and reveals that he his the hook-handed man. The two criminals escape and the orphans are sent to another guardian.