Violet Baudelaire is the eldest of the three Baudelaire orphans. She is an inventor whose skills have saved her and her siblings many times. Her younger siblings are Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. She usually ties her hair up with a hair ribbon to keep it our of her eyes when thinking of an invention. This allows her to keep her focus and sets the gears inside her head working at full force.

Violet is fourteen at the beginning of the series, turns fifteen in The Grim Grotto, and is sixteen by the end of the series. By eighteen, she would have inherited the Baudelaire fortune. 

Biography Edit

Violet Baudelaire is possibly the greatest inventor of her age. At five years old, she won an invention contest with an automatic rolling pin with the use of a window shade and six pairs of roller skates. The judge praised her work and said she could make an invention with both hands tied behind her back. She loved to visit Verne Invention Museum and its many exhibits, including one of the mechanical inventions that inspired her to be an inventor when she was just two years of age.

Violet once invented a device to soothe Sunny's teething pains.

The Bad Beginning Edit

At the start of the first book, Violet and her siblings were at Briny Beach. She was skipping stones and thinking of a device that retrieves the stones after being skipped. Just then, Mr. Poe, a banker and a friend of the Baudelaires, approached the children and regretfully informed the children that a fire took place at their mansion and their parents perished in the 'accident'.

Violet and her two siblings, now orphans, are taken to their closet relative (a third or fourth cousin), Count Olaf. Upon arriving at the Count's dreadful and stinky house, they are forced to do difficult housework, including cleaning the chimney, repairing the broken windows, and preparing dinner, for the greedy Count Olaf while he thinks of a plan to steal the Baudelaire fortune.

After reading up on nuptial law, Olaf discovers that a legal husband has the right to have any fortune the legal wife has. He now devises a plan on how to legally marry Violet. In order for his plan to work, he disguises his true motives as a play named "The Marvelous Marriage". His neighbor, Justice Strauss, agrees to perform as the judge, not knowing the true plans of Olaf, and swipes a real marriage certificate from the City Hall.

Count Olaf has Sunny trapped in a bird cage, dangling from a high tower, to ensure that Violet agrees to arrangement. If Violet or Klaus, as a midget audience, screws up, Sunny will be dropped from the tower to her death. In attempt to rescue her younger sister the night before the play, Violet courageously tries to save Sunny from the top of the tower using an improvised grappling hook out of drapes and curtain rods. Unfortunately, the Hook-Handed Man, one of Count Olaf's associates, catches her and locks Violet in the tower with her brother, Klaus, for good measure. The two try to think of a way to get out but it was hopeless. On the day of the play, Violet, instead of signing the contract with her right hand, her own hand, she signs with her left hand. After confessing that she did the wrong thing, Justice Strauss declares the marriage invalid. This happened after Count Olaf told the Hook-Handed Man to release Sunny and reveals the true plot of the play. Olaf angrily forces Violet to sign again with her right hand but Sunny was released before she could do so. The plan in ruins, a henchman suffering skin problems turns out the stage lights, allowing Count Olaf and his henchpeople to escape in a black automobile. Just before he makes his escape, Count Olaf finds Violet in the darkness and tells her that he'll get his hands on her fortune if it's the last thing he'll do, and when he has it, he'll kill her and her siblings with his own two hands.

The Reptile Room Edit

After the incident with Count Olaf, the orphans were taken to Dr. Montgomery Montgomery's house. The herpetologist has traveled around the world to find exotic and rare snakes. His latest discovery was called "The Incredibly Deadly Viper" which is completely harmless. He is soon discovered to be a good man who can make very delicious Coconut Cream Cake. He told the children that he was on an expedition to Peru and that he was taking them with him in about 10 days. The children will need to prepare at once so Violet, the inventor, started tinkering with the cages so the snakes can easily be transported to Peru. Their life was happy and enjoyable but it would have been better if Uncle Monty's new assistant, Stephano, didn't arrive. The children knew right away that even though the new assistant had two eyebrows, a beard, a bald head, and no tattoo on his ankle, he is still the person we all know as Count Olaf. Uncle Monty, busy dealing with the expedition and talking and blabbering about it, had no time to hear the children out. One day, the orphans find their beloved Uncle Monty dead. It was told that he was bitten by the venomous snake, the Mamba du Mal. Stephano urged the children to come with him to Peru even without Uncle Monty but they were stuck in a car accident with, no other than, Mr. Poe, the banker friend of the Baudelaires. After the death of Uncle Monty, the children knew that Stephano, or Count Olaf, killed him so they went in on an investigation. With the adults, now with Dr. Lucafont, the doctor who examined Uncle Monty's body, it was the perfect time for the Baudelaires to find evidence that Stephano killed Uncle Monty. Violet, with an improvised lockpick, she opened Stephano's suitcase and revealed enough evidence to show that Stephano injected the Mamba du Mal venom into Uncle Monty and killed the herpetologist.

The Wide Window Edit

Yet again, Violet, along with Klaus and Sunny, were transported by Mr. Poe to the seaside town by Lake Lachrymose. They were then told of their Aunt (although technically second cousin's sister in law) Josphine, who was deathly afraid of the body of water due to an accident with her husband. After they learnt of this, the children were brought by taxi to their caretaker. They began to learn of her terror of not only the massive pond, but everything they encounter.